Mika Chow

Volleyball Player

mikaI started training with Darrin near the end of summer before my last season on the women’s volleyball team at Capilano University. Although I’ve always loved sports and hitting the gym, Darrin really helped me focus my workouts and refine my technique. He’s extremely supportive and encouraging, which has helped me accomplish lifts I never thought I’d be able to do. He also explains everything very clearly, ensuring I understand how each lift will help me work towards my goals.

Julie Johnson


julieThere are trainers, and there are TRAINERS.

I chose to train with Darrin while pursuing my bobsleigh endeavours and cannot be happier with my decision. In the past 6 months I have not only made but exceeded the standards for Team BC, both on the track and in the gym and am a now candidate for the National Team.

I laid out my goals to him and he took it upon himself to help me find the best possible approach to reach them. My goals are his goals and he consistently demonstrates this in his ongoing passion and adaptation to my program.

Darrin utilizes a no nonsense approach. He encourages me do a lot of things I don’t want to do or think I can do – but if a trainer only did what I wanted and what I was comfortable with, I would not see the results that I have.

He is constantly furthering his knowledge, open to changing things if they are not working for me and also recognizing what works specifically for me. I sincerely look forward to each training session with Darrin.

Get ready for Darrin to revolutionize your life. Choose a TRAINER.

Jessie R.

Volleyball Player

jessieI started working with Darrin this past Christmas with the hopes of improving my abilities as a volleyball player, and I couldn’t be happier with how things have unfolded. Of course, it started out slow as I was pretty much a blank slate when it came to my knowledge and ability with many of the exercises (my front squat was probably the worst Darrin has ever seen), but he was able to turn that right around. For the past seven months I have been using Darrin’s personalized program to increase my speed, vertical, and strength, and I have had tremendous results. I think a big moment for me was when at about 2-3 months into the program, I was able to do one full pull-up, for the first time in my life. Achieving that, as well as seeing my noticeable improvement on the volleyball court, has really proven to me the value of having a personal trainer with the knowledge and dedication that Darrin has and demonstrates consistently. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for improvement in their strength and conditioning.


National Development Team—Long Track Speed Skating , 21

ashleyFor most of the year I have prescribed workouts to facilitate my training. During the off season I take every opportunity I can get to work with Darrin. He pays special attention to technique to make sure I get the most out of my training and maximize my success. His workouts provide a significant challenge that keeps me in shape during the off season and help me improve my power and performance during competition.

Markiel S.

Volleyball Player

markielI’ve been training with Darrin for the past few months now and the transformation has been astonishing. Working up from flexibility to light weights to new personal maxes. Darrin has helped me understand what it takes to become an elite athlete on the court and in the gym. I would recommend Moreira Performance to anyone with serious performance goals.


Lynnea C.

Volleyball Player

lynneaI’ve known Darrin for many years since his father was my volleyball coach. He has always been such a supportive person throughout my volleyball career. Last year I approached Darrin when I was cut from a volleyball team I really hoped to make. He helped me get back on my feet in the volleyball world and his training has really helped my game. Every week there is something new to learn and he really pays attention to detail. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met and he does his best to make sure you understand every exercise and workout. Darrin has helped me through a knee injury and has helped increase my overall fitness as an athlete. He is an exceptional trainer.

Sepy Bazzazi

Blackbelt Martial Artist, 27

sepyI have had the pleasure of being trained by Darrin Moreira for the past five months. Before Darrin I had over 17 years of training as a kickboxer, and as you can imagine I have been through all sorts of strength and conditioning programs over the years. Never before have I met a trainer who pays such close attention to each detail. Even after thousands of kettlebell swings, he still corrects my errors and doesn’t let a single detail slip. His philosophy is that we must move well before anything else, in an effort to prevent injury. He backs this philosophy up by teaching you not only every technical detail of the exercise you’re working on, but by explaining to you WHY this is the correct way. His training style has me absolutely hooked. I completely trust him and I know that he only has my very best interests in mind, everytime we work out. I can’t wait to see how fast I can move, how high I can jump and how hard I can punch by this time next year. Thanks, Darrin!

Ramin Sabour

Climber, Blackbelt Martial Artist, 29

raminI started with Darrin about 4 weeks ago. I’ve always had knee/hip pain when running and I also wanted to take my climbing skill to the next level. Darrin created a personalized plan for me based on my goals and we’re working together multiple times a week towards those goals. I’ve noticed major improvements in all aspects of my life since I started and I can’t wait to see how things will be after a few months of working with Darrin. He’s knowledgeable, friendly but pushes you to your limits and doesn’t waste your time. He doesn’t ask you to do anything that doesn’t directly influence your results. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a personal trainer.

Casimir Loeber

Climber, Blackbelt Martial Artist, 27

casimirI have always had a negative attitude towards “the gym” and “working out” but Darrin has completely turned this opinion around. For lack of better words, Darrin is a strength and body geek who’s passion for what he does really shows. He is professional and focuses on the skill of strength; you could say he encompasses the work smarter, not just harder of personal training. This is probably the first and only facebook review I will ever make and thus I have no qualms shouting Darrin’s praise from the tops of mountains. And come on, kettle bells and dead lifts are just damn cool!