Will I need to purchase any equipment?

Generally we have most of our athletes purchase one kettlebell. The size is variable. The reason for this is that generally we have our athletes do home workouts in addition to working with a coach. Normally, one kettlebell is all your need to do your additional workouts.

Does MPT only work with athletes?

No. While the vast majority of our clientele have a competitive background we do work with people of a variety of backgrounds who just want to feel and move better. We focus on “performance” goals. That said, performance is an individual thing. For somebody this might be increasing their vertical jump while for another person performance might be being able to work and go about their day without back pain.

How does the online training program work?

We would do an assessment with the athlete either online or via online video. From there we use the information drawn from your assessment as well as your performance goals to develop a program. Your coach will share the outline of the program with you within a week of your assessment. From there you will receive a specific weekly schedule of your workouts.

How much does training with MPT cost?

Training in person with a coach starts at $75/session.  Online training starts at $250/month. In some cases a $100 startup fee would be applied.

How long is an session?

As long as it takes. We always have a definite start time. However, with our athletes the session will take as long as needed to get the work done. It is normally about 50-75 minutes. However, if an athletes comes to the gym and is excessively fatigued we might have to adjust the program to facilitate a recovery workout. This might only take 25 minutes. For our clients that are not competing we will meet for 55 minutes.

Do your programs include meal plans?

Your coach will review your food log and provide feedback.

What if I need to cancel my appointment with a trainer?

24 hours notice is needed to reschedule or cancel your appointments. If less than 24 hours notice is given you will be charged for your training session. If you cancel with adequate notice we can always try fitting you back in should you decide on the day that you can in fact attend your appointment. This notice is required so we can make this time available to other clients wanting to train at your time. We often cannot accommodate athletes and clients due to lack of availability so please understand that without this notice we are in fact losing revenue,

How does payment work?

For online programs we will invoice you at the beginning of each month. For those doing live training we send an invoice at the end of the month. Payment must be received within seven days of the invoice going out.