The importance of quality work

I see a lot of people in the gym and in sport environments. Nothing aggravates me more than working with athletes or clients who’s work ethic is in the toilet. However, a close second place would be those people who don’t appreciate the value of quality work.

All to often we place an emphasis on the quantity of work while leaving the quality to be desired. Quality is equally or more important than quantity when it comes to training and practising. Work capacity is your ability to prepare for your sport or your event. When you partake in lousy training that is what we call “wasted training capacity.” Basically, your training is making you tired but it isn’t making you any better. All too often I see athletes who think that they’re doing themselves a favour by going to the gym even though they don’t know what they’re doing —many think they know what they’re doing. For elite athletes, wasting training capacity is one of the worst things you can do. All of your training capacity needs to be used to make you better at your event. Simply “going to the gym” is not enough.

Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt. That said, it’s important to remember that it’s really easy to work hard at things you like to do. You need to work hard at the things you might not like very much; achieving your goals means setting your ego aside and receiving help when you need it to assure quality. A quality program will ensure that you achieve results without any wasted training capacity, getting you where you want to be more quickly and more easily.

Lastly, one thing I’ve noticed among the athletes I train is this: those that have incredible work ethic and drive to succeed also appreciate the need for quality in their training. These athletes who strive for greatness know that there is more to working hard than waking up at 4:30AM and giving yourself a beat down in the gym. They walk with a purpose knowing that everything they do serves their goals while setting aside the fluff that distracts others.

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