Team Training

Group and team personal trainingGroup training with MPT is great for teams in season or out of season of their sport.  The team at MPT revels in the challenge of elevating the game of entire group of athletes.  During the off season, the workouts and training days are mixed to ensure athletes stay in shape and gain a strong base of strength, speed, and endurance to fit the individual demands associated with their sport.  During the season MPT make sure training sessions continue improve the athletes performance but leave enough in the tank for teams to focus on their practices and sport specific skills.  MPT will bring the entire group up to the same level, even if it means altering the training program for a specific member of the group; in essence “shrinking the gap” to improve the performance of every athlete while still challenging the leaders.  We understand that the team is only as strong as it’s weakest athlete.  Group training sessions can be scheduled to fit the team’s needs and athletes will be given movements and programs to work on outside of MPT supervised training sessions.  This program is available in the Lower Mainland and some other areas of BC and Canada.  Contact MPT for more information.

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