Online Training

tumblr_mnh17lfd9R1st5lhmo1_1280With MPT’s online personal training, you will receive the benefits and knowledge of a personal trainer, but you can train wherever you want and on a schedule that works for you.  Online personal training fits your schedule, is designed to fit each individual, and it is updated weekly or according to your needs.  You will be in contact with MPT trainers via e-mail, SMS, and phone.  To ensure the program is pushing you towards your goals there will be continued contact between MPT and yourself a long with follow-up phone calls each month, periodic visits throughout the year, and an initial visit and assessment to start the program on the right track.  This program is excellent for athletes who are self motivated, have a solid base of weightlifting knowledge, and are looking for a competitive edge in their sport.  This program is available in all of BC and some other areas of Canada.  Contact MPT for more information.

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