Performance Enhancement

Sensei DarrinMPT knows that not all sports are the same and neither are their athletes.  That is why MPT’s personal training programs are athlete specific.  Knowledge from all types of training programs will be utilized to create a program that will be built around the individual to ensure success in the athletes sport.  MPT will spend as much time in the gym training with the athlete as required.  Outside of MPT supervised sessions, the athlete will be given supplementary movements and exercises to ensure continued improvement and success.  In season training is important for athletes but at MPT we will make sure that the athlete as lots of energy left to take back their team practices or sport specific training but still effect improvements on strength, speed, and endurance.  Out of season training will ensure the individual remains in shape and is at the peak of their physical performance for when the season starts up again.  This program is available in the Lower Mainland and some other areas of BC.  Contact MPT for more information.

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