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Triathlon Training Log, July 23

0500 at Ron Andrews Community Centre: High Tension low intensity intervals on the spin bike. Three 20 minute intervals spinning at 20-30 RPM with maximum tension on the bike. Rest 2 minutes between each interval. Keeping the heart rate very low. Approximately 130 beats/minute. This keeps my legs under tension for a long time while […]

Workout log from July 12th

Morning: Tempo method weight training. Done at Fuel Fitness between working with athletes. 3×10 24kg Goblet Squat 3×10 Cable Pull Down 3×10 20kg Barbell Military Press 3×8 135lbs RDL Super Slow (4-6 seconds/rep) on all these lifts with 40-60 seconds between sets. For more info on the tempo method and why I use it http://www.8weeksout.com/2008/10/17/secrets-of-muscular-endurance/ Afternoon: […]