Triathlon Training Log, July 23

0500 at Ron Andrews Community Centre:

High Tension low intensity intervals on the spin bike. Three 20 minute intervals spinning at 20-30 RPM with maximum tension on the bike. Rest 2 minutes between each interval. Keeping the heart rate very low. Approximately 130 beats/minute. This keeps my legs under tension for a long time while leaving my some energy in the tank for the rest of the day.


1130 at Lynn Headwaters

45 minutes running relaxed. Heart rate 150-160. Was planning on going 75 minutes but my foot wasn’t feeling good so I sacrificed this training session for the good of the program. Not too worried about running right now as long as my foot is feeling good; still just clocking miles here.


1530 at Ron Andrews

Swim-Bike brick workout. Smooth 100M-200M-300M-400M-500M in the pool. Focusing on good technique here remember “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” Immediately after finishing I jumped back on the spin bike for another 25 minutes. This time spinning at 95-105 RPM with a medium tension.


Still getting more & more specific for an actual triathlon. Trying to incorporate more bricks to simulate racing . If the weather is nice I hope to be doing some open water swims for longer distances.


All the best,


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