Workout log from July 12th


Tempo method weight training. Done at Fuel Fitness between working with athletes.
3×10 24kg Goblet Squat
3×10 Cable Pull Down
3×10 20kg Barbell Military Press
3×8 135lbs RDL
Super Slow (4-6 seconds/rep) on all these lifts with 40-60 seconds between sets.
For more info on the tempo method and why I use it
Swim/bike brick done at Ron Andrews Community Centre
Immediately followed by an easy spin on the stationary bike around 100-110 RPM for 30 minutes.
Working on the swim to bike transition with this work out. Not easy when you’re using a public pool. Nonetheless, with a few races coming I need to start getting more and more specific.
Spent 3 minutes mobilizing the anterior compartment of each hip following the spin.
45 minutes recovery run. Heart rate staying around 150 beats/min. Ran the streets around my house. Would have liked to hit the trails but my foot wasn’t feeling 100%.
Spent five minutes mobilizing anterior and posterior lower leg and doing some special work on my left foot to help recovery.
Just clocking the miles on the run right now. Working on leg strength for hills on the course and paying special attention to technique in the pool. In the next few weeks I’m likely going to start ramping up the intensity while slightly decreasing volume.


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