Workout Log – October 10th 2013

Getting back into it..


In the pool

  • 200M Warmup
  • 10*100M mainset
  • 500M steady. Turning without the wall. Good way to practise getting around buoys quick.


Easy 35 minute run in the mountains. Walked up the stairs and steeps.


60 minutes on the stationary trainer. Steady, mostly in the big ring.

Mobility Minutes:

  • 2+2 Rear shoulder stretch
  • 5+5 Couch stretch
  • 3+3 Hamstring extensions on lacrosse ball
  • 5+5 Basic Hamstring stretch
  • 5 Super Banded squat
  • 5 stick shoulder

Knees and ankles are feeling good. Lots of work to do right now. Need to build some strength back up.

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